$18/acre x #of surveyed acres PLUS $100 EMF/owner due March 15th. New in 2020, a 12% delinquency fee per year will be assessed for any unpaid balances as of April 15th.

$100 Sale/Transfer Fee @ Closing/Sale

2019 ANNUAL MEETING:  Monday February 4th, 7PM. 


2018 ANNUAL MEETING. Following Motions were approved (2018):**​

  • Sale/Transfer Fee of Land: Directors' discretion: $100.

  • Per Acre/Share Assessment: $16/acre/share .

  • EMF fee: Shareholders discretion: $100.

  • Audit of Ditch service area: Approved.

  • Move Annual Meeting date: No

**See Ditch Bylaws (@Documents)

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